How to Keep Your Yard Lush and Green

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With summer temperatures crossing into the triple digits in Glendale, AZ, your plant life needs a lot of water to survive. You'll need an effective irrigation system to make sure your grass, trees, shrubs and flowers are getting the water they need to thrive. That's where EnviroScape Services comes in. We're proud to provide lawn sprinkler installation services.

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3 reasons you need a new irrigation system!

Lawn sprinkler installation is necessary for clients for several reasons:

  • Efficient water use: An irrigation system can help ensure that water is used efficiently, reducing water waste and potentially lowering water bills.
  • Consistent watering: An irrigation system can provide consistent watering of the lawn, which can help promote healthy growth and reduce the risk of under or overwatering.
  • Convenience: An irrigation system can provide a convenient way to water the lawn without the need for manual watering.